Paytm KYC update racket busted by Cyber Crime Police, Cyberabad

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Paytm KYC update racket busted by Cyber Crime Police, Cyberabad

Cyber Crime Police of Cyberabad arrested a five-member gang for cheating innocents to the tune of lakhs of rupees in the pretext of updating KYC of PAYTM accounts.
Details of the accused:-

A-1: Nanku Mandal @ Rahul, Age: 27 Yrs, R/o. Dhudani (V), Karmatara (PS), Jamtara District, Jharkand state.
A-2: Rajesh Mandal, Age: 26 Yrs, R/o. Dhudani (V), Karmatara (PS), Jamtara District, Jharkhand state.
A-3: Shiva Shakti Kumar @ Amit Barnwal, Age: 25 Yrs, R/o. Jisidih (V), Jisidih (PS), Deogarh Dist., Jharkhand State.
A-4: Gaurav Arun, Age:46 Yrs, R/o. Ranchi, Jharkhand state.
A-5: Dilkush Kumar Singh, Age: 18 Yrs, R/o. Goripur (V), Karon (PS), Deogarh District, Jharkhand state.

Brief facts of the case:-
On 02-09-2020, the Cyber Crime PS received a complaint from a victim, R/o Miyapur in which she stated that on 01.09.2020 she received an SMS from a number 7478092505 (Vinay Sharma) at 12:32 PM asking her to renew KYC of Paytm and asked to call 8345989385 for the renewal of the same. When the victim contacted 8345989385, the said Vinay Sharma directed her to install applications like Team viewer quick support (complete phone access app) and SMS to phone app (to route all the messages to other number-8345989385). After downloading the application, while on call she was asked to open PayTM and login with her credentials and add Rs. 1.00 through her debit card and credit card. After successful transaction, he has sent a text message and asked her to open, and it generated a code. He asked her to use this code while adding nominal amounts like Rs.1/- to her Paytm from both her Debit and Credit cards. He got the credentials of both her credit and debit cards through the remote access application and withdrawn Rs.4,29,360/-.

Basing on the above complaint, a case is registered u/s 66(C) & 66(D) IT Act and 420 IPC and investigated into.

Details of the accused:-
A1. Nanku Mandal @ Rahul: Heis the master mind behind this case. He along with Rajesh Mandal were cheating innocents in the Pretext of updation of Paytm KYC. He contacted the complainant and collected her card details and loaded an amount of Rs.4,29,360/- to his Paytm, mobikwik and Phonepe wallets. He contacted Shiva Shakti Kumar @ Amit Barnwal for providing the fake bank accounts and electricity Bills to be paid online with cheated amount and offered him 30% commission.
A2. Rajesh Mandal: He is the friend of Nanku Mandal and assisted him in committing this fraud. Both of them hatched this plan to cheat innocents.
A3. Shiva Shakti Kumar @ Amit Barnwal: He is the habitual Cyber fraudster and was arrested by Cyber Crime Police, Deogarh in 2019 for cloning ATM cards. After releasing from jail, he joined Nanku Mandal (A1) and Rajesh Mandal (A2). With the help of Dilkush Kumar Singh (A5) he opened fake bank accounts and provided them to Nanku Mandal. For electricity bills, he contacted one Gaurav Arun and offered him 20% commission for paying electricity bills online with cheated amount.
A4. Gaurav Arun: He pursued Medicine from Russia and failed MCI (Medical Council of India) exam conducted for validating MBBS graduation in India. Since then in order to earn easy money, he is involving in cyber frauds. He met Amit Barnwal through one of his friends Jabbar. Amit asked him to provide electricity bills to be paid online using cheated money and offered him 20% commission. He provided the electricity bills of Rs.1,60,000/-of his friend Madan Lal Bajaj.
A5. Dilkush Kumar Singh: He works for Amit Branwal. He opened fake bank accounts and provided them to Amit Barnwal on commission basis to transfer and withdraw cheated amounts.

MO of the fraudsters:-
Nanku Mandal (A-1) is the master mind behind this case. He along with Rajesh Mandal (A-2) hatched a plan to earn easy money in the pretext of KYC updation of Paytm accounts. Nanku Mandal (A-1) contacted complainant and asked her to download remote access application called Team Viewer, quick Support and SMS to Phone (which forwards all the SMSes received by the complainant number to Fraudster’s number). Further Nanku Mandal (A-1) asked complainant to add nominal amount to her Paytm account using both her credit and debit cards. While doing this transaction, using remote access, Nanku Mandal (A-1) noted down her Paytm login credentials. Using login credentials and OTP SMS which was routed to his number through SMS to Phone app, the accused Nanku Mandal (A-1) & Rajesh Mandal (A-2) loaded funds from complainant’s accounts to their Paytm, Mobikwik, PayU and Phonepe wallets.

Nanku Mandal (A-1) & Rajesh Mandal (A-2) approached Shiva Shakti Kumar (A-3) to provide electricity bills to be paid online. Shiva Shakti Kumar (A-3) in turn approached Gaurav Arun (A-4) to provide electricity bills which needs to be paid online. To this, Gaurav Arun (A-4) provided the electricity bills of Rs.1,60,000/- of Madan Lal Bajaj to Shiva Shakti Kumar (A-3). Further Shiva Shakti Kumar (A-3) provided the same bills to Nanku Mandal @ Rahul (A-1) & Rajesh Mandal (A-2) on 30% commission. Nanku Mandal @ Rahul (A-1) & Rajesh Mandal (A-2) paid the electricity bills from the cheated amount loaded into their wallets and took cash in liquid form from Shiva Shakti Kumar (A-3).

1) Net Cash / Amount of Rs.1,47,000/-
2) Mobile Handsets (06)
3) Aadhar Cards (02)
4) Debit Cards (03)
5) Screen Shot Copies of payments and Bills collected (05).

Staff Participated:
Special team led by 1)K.Srinivas, Inspector of Police, 2)M.Mallikarjun, Sub-Inspector of Police, 3)U.K.Siddeshwar, Asst.Sub- Inspector of Police, 4)S.Venkat Reddy, Asst.Sub- Inspector of Police, 5)Beeke Nand Yadav, PC, 6)S.Shiva Kumar, PC, 7)Y.Raja Ramesh, PC, 8)T.Shekar, PC, 9) Naresh, PC (CAT), 10)Arshad, PC, 11)M.Sai Kiran Reddy, PC 12)P.Kavitha, WPC actively participated in the entire operation and nabbed the accused from Jamtara, Deogarh and Ranchi districts of Jharkhand, after conducting search operation there for more than 2 weeks. The team was guided by the ACP, Cyber Crimes, Sri Syam Babu, under the supervision of Addl. DCP Crimes Smt. D Kavitha, and as per the directions of DCP Crimes, Smt. Rohini Priyadarshini, IPS.
In view of the above, citizens are requested
• Not to believe messages or calls asking to update KYC details of their PayTM accounts or any other accounts.
• Not to reveal the account details to anyone.
• Not to download any application without knowing its purpose and genuineness.
• Not to transfer money to unknown person’s accounts even for checking.
• Your accounts may be hacked by the fraudsters through the applications which you download without your knowledge and thereby you may be cheated.

-Commissioner of Police,

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